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How I started

A few years ago I discovered (SLR)photography and a new hobby was born. 
My first contact with photography was in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. I already owned a Nikon D5000 and a very old (heavy) stand. With some (new)friends we met at the "Markthal" in Rotterdam for a " walk tour" trough Rotterdam to shoot architecture. Of course I made the rookie mistakes like shooting in .jpeg and not RAW but I loved every bit of it. During the day I learned a lot like composition, how the camera worked and how to take pictures (what to look for). I've upgraded my gear and now own a D5200 and some additional lenses. 

The hobby takes a lot of time and unfortunately time is something I have less. The good news, less time is still time. 

So still work in progress!

Ronnie Temming

Car photography

I always enjoy shooting classic cars.

iPhone photography

The iPhone is always usefull when you don't have the DSLR with you.

Macro Photography

Mushrooms, never a dull moment.

Countless Mushrooms

Marco photography my favorite type of photography

Bird photography

Birds are magnificent creatures.

Black & White photography

Beautiful even without colors!

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